The DIEUF-DIEUL de Thiès was created in 1979 in the city of Thiès in Senegal, from members of the OUZA et Ses Ouzettes, but they really got the band going in 1980.

In a very short period of time they gained a big audience in Thiès, playing both at the Gorom and the Gandiol club. During those days the group matured, it became bigger and reached a high performance standard. Group member’s were Pape Seck (guitar), Cheikh Ndiaye (drums), Ibou Diallo (bass), Doudou Leo (rhythm guitar), El Hadji Diouf (percussion), El Hadji Ngom (percussion), Gora Mbaye (vocal) and the youngest member still at school then Bassirou Sarr (vocal).

As it happens with most travelling musicians, they decided that their hometown was not enough and arranged a small tour in Gambia and its surroundings. They stayed for a while in Kolda where they met Assane Camara (vocal) who joined the group and continued the tour with them until their return back to Thiès where they installed again and continued working.

The three singers ASSANE CAMARA, GORA MBAYE and BASSIROU SARR together with their chef d'orchestre and guitar player PAPE SECK composed traditional rhythms from all the regions of Senegal, with fuzz guitars, horn sections and hallucinatory percussion. The result was an explosive mixture of an Electric Psychedelic sound with the wisdom and superiority of the musical traditions of the region, a crossover AFRO-MANDING and AFRO-JAZZ, helped by the variety of their cultural background and giving them a strong identity. Very fast they achieved a huge success in Thiès & Dakar but they broke up suddenly after 4 years, before even they release the recordings they had already done.

Teranga Beat label found the recordings and released a first Volume of them in 2013, at the same time re-formed the group with the three original members mentioned before & six young musicians achieving this unique sound they had, where even today after 32 years sounds futuristic. Dieuf-Dieul is active again in the night clubs of Dakar and hopefully will achieve the international recognition they fully deserve.

Dieuf-Dieul are the only Senegalese band that possesses such a deep cultural background, strong character and unique sound! Vol.2 will be released soon in 2015.