Released on CD, 2LP & Digital on October 3rd 2011
(Including 10 previously unreleased and fully licensed tracks)

TERANGA BEAT proudly presents legendary group GUELEWAR from Banjul, The Gambia. Amongst the most experimental, psychedelic bands out of Africa, GUELEWAR offer a unique sound and instrumentation, mixing traditional compositions with modern instruments such as the Mini-MOOG. The ALLIGATORS was a group led by BAI JANHA who was the most important musician from the Gambia. The ALLIGATORS later became GUELEWAR when BAI began to collaborate with LAYE N'GOM. GUELEWAR fused a blend of Bougaraboo & Saourouba mixed with Soul & Funk and were heavily influenced by traditional singer MOUSSA N'GOM. For one decade GUELEWAR was the biggest influence in the region of Sene-Gambian music. Here in their last recording, live in the "Canari Club de Kaolack", Senegal, 1982 the 12 members guide you to another level. The double gatefold LP's liner notes and CD’s 16 page booklet include more information and photographs outlining the beautiful story of this exceptional band from this distinctive West African country, The Gambia. We hope you will enjoy.


1. Yaye Ramoutoulaye
2. Balla Jigi
3. Tara
4. Sanehmentereng
5. Ouvaryea
6. Halleli N'Dakarou N'Diaye
7. Cilss
8. President Jawara - Abdou Diouf
9. Cheddo
10. Werr Tullali Barr

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