Released on CD, 2LP & Digital on March 5th 2012
(Including 10 previously unreleased and fully licensed tracks)

TERANGA BEAT proudly presents BAI JANHA alias "Sweet Fingers" and his psychedelic steamroller KARANTAMBA. Composer, arranger, guitar player of GUELEWAR & IFANG BONDI, BAI JANHA is undisputedly the most important musician to have come from GAMBIA. Band leader of the groups BLACK STAR, WHALES BAND, FABULOUS EAGLES & SUPREME EAGLES, founder of the group ALLIGATORS who later became the GUELEWAR, BAI is the one who created the unique psychedelic sound in the region of SENE-GAMBIA, mixing traditional compositions with Soul, his musical innovations contributed to the domination of AFRO-MANDING music in West Africa for more than a decade. This record presents BAI JANHA with his last group, KARANTAMBA, a school for young musicians, in a totally unreleased recording, recorder in Thiès (Senegal) at "SANGOMAR" Club the 16th of August 1984. The double gatefold LP's liner notes and CD's booklet include more information and photographs outlining all the way of the living legend's musical career and the wicked percussive rhythms and compositions of this album. We hope you will enjoy!


1. Sama Yai
2. Satay Muso
3. Ndigal
4. Dimba Nyima
5. Titi
6. Na Dinding Fatty
7. Goré Nga
8. Linga Ham
9. Gamo Jigimar
10. Kuru Wo Kuru (bonus track LP only)

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